How to Make Your Car as Environmentally Friendly as Possible 

It’s no secret that cars release a lot of harmful emissions and gases. And, unfortunately, most of us aren’t able to afford a Tesla or other fully-automatic vehicle, so we have to rely on a fair amount of gas to keep us going.

But just because you have to stop at the Chevron station from time to time doesn’t mean you have to settle for an environmentally horrible vehicle. There are always a lot of ways that you can make your vehicle a little bit greener, so that you can do your part. Here are some of them. 

Schedule Regular Maintenance and Inspections

Scheduling regular tune-ups and maintenance does a lot of things. It keeps your car in good shape, which makes it more attractive to a potential buyer when you’re ready to sell. It keeps larger components from failing, which can save your wallet big time. And it makes your car more environmentally friendly. 

A standard tune-up will help you identify issues with your car as soon as they happen, so that damaged or malfunctioning parts can be repaired or replaced immediately. Systems such as your fuel system or your exhaust system play a large role in your vehicle’s emissions, and making sure they’re working properly can keep your car as green as possible.

Utilize Proper Disposal Techniques 

When it comes to auto maintenance, there are a lot of bizarre chemicals and materials that ultimately get thrown away. Disposing of these correctly can make a huge difference for the planet. Batteries, tires, and motor oil should not be thrown away in the trash; they should be taken to a proper waste facility, which will dispose of them in a safe and proper manner (or re-use the tires). 

If you’re not sure where to take these items when you’re ready to dispose of them, give your local mechanic or auto shop a call, and they’ll point you in the right direction. 

Keep Your Tires Inflated 

Properly inflated tires get much better gas mileage than tires that have too little or too much air pressure. Better gas mileage is better for the planet, and it’s better for your bank account! 
Keep Your Car as Empty as Possible 

Cars are made for utility, so you can’t always keep them empty. However, the more weight the car carries around, the worse gas mileage it’s going to get. In other words, after picking up a new washing machine, don’t just leave it in the trunk for a month!

Have Your Emissions System Inspected 

Emissions inspections will let you know just how efficient your vehicle is, and what can be done to improve efficiency. They are crucial inspections in terms of both making your car green, and helping out your wallet.

Drive Well 

Driving like a madman is one of the easiest ways to burn fuel. Unnecessary acceleration, followed by harsh braking (which then leads to more unnecessary acceleration) simply burns fuel at a higher rate. 

You don’t need to drive ultra-conservatively, but if you drive responsibly and safely, the environment will thank you for it (as will your passengers!)

Change Your Air Filters 

Any time you have your oil changed, as the mechanic to check your air filter. If it’s anywhere near time to replace the filter, replace it.
None of these tips is particularly difficult, time-consuming, or expensive, yet they’ll all help you do your part in keeping your car as green as possible. 

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Brady Klopfer

Brady Klopfer is a freelance writer and editor from Los Angeles. You can read more of his work here