The Importance of Driving Well 

If you have an interest in cars, then you probably have an interest in driving. Heck, if you’ve ever turned on your TV and caught a NASCAR race, or the Indy 500, then you probably have some interest in driving. Driving can be an absolute joy, but it’s important to remember that driving always impacts your car.

If you want to keep your car in the best shape possible, either for your own benefit, your maintenance costs, or to maintain a high resale value, you want to make sure that you drive it well. This doesn’t mean being ultra conservative behind the wheel, but it does mean leaving behind those professional racing dreams when you step into your car. Here are a few things you can do when driving, to keep your car in tip top shape, and your resale value at its highest. 

Be Nice to Your Brakes 

Brakes are replaceable, so treating them well won’t dramatically increase your resale value. However, the better conditions you keep your brakes in, the safer your car is, and the lower your maintenance costs will be. When possible, avoid overusing the brakes, or using them too emphatically. Avoid pressing on the brake pedal and the accelerator simultaneously, and try to keep from quickly alternating between the gas and the brakes. And as fun as tempting as it may be, don’t slam on your brakes unless the situation truly calls for it. 

Don’t Test Your Turns 

It can be tempting to pretend you’re in a video game, and throw your car around turns. Not only is this dangerous (unless you’ve been properly trained), but it can cause irreparable damage to your suspension. Suspensions are very costly to repair or replace, and can cause further damage to other parts of the vehicle. If your car is determined to have a suspension in subpar condition, your resale value may take a big hit. 

In addition to damaging your suspension, turning aggressively can cause excess wear and tear on your tires, which means more frequent trips to the tire shop for pricy replacements. 

Think About the Details 

It’s more than just your steering that impacts the suspension of your vehicle. Excess weight in your car (even when you’re not driving) puts a lot of pressure on your vehicle’s suspension. Try to limit how often you carry heavy objects in your car. 

Furthermore, when possible, avoid driving over severe speedbumps and pot holes, or at least avoid driving over them at high speeds. 

Keep Gas in Your Tank 

Many people have the habit of letting their vehicle run nearly empty before refilling the gas tank. Try to avoid doing this regularly. Running your car on fumes can occasionally cause damage to your vehicle, and if you do run out of gas, it can be very detrimental to your engine. 

If you find yourself being tempted to drive your car recklessly, here’s a great solution: buy a video game console and a video game. It’s safer, and a lot cheaper than losing maintenance costs and resale value on your car. 

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Brady Klopfer

Brady Klopfer is a freelance writer and editor from Los Angeles. You can read more of his work here