Jeep Yuntu Concept Shows A Preview Of Future Jeep Styling

The Jeep Yuntu Concept was presented to the public at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show. It was produced by Jeep and its Chinese joint venture partner Guangzhou Automotive Group. Together, they currently make Jeep Renegades and Cherokees for the China market.

The Yuntu Concept features many futuristic features that are fun to see and exciting to think about, but unlikely to see production. What is significant about the Yuntu is its styling, which solidly predicts the design direction that future Jeeps will take. Its powertrain is also a hint of what is to come for the brand.

It’s A Plug-In Hybrid

The Yuntu Concept is powered by both a gasoline engine and an electric motor. It has a battery pack which allows an electric-only range of 40 miles, with wireless charging capability. 

The Yuntu’s use of this type of powertrain technology aligns with China’s push to accelerate the adoption of electrified powertrains and improve its horrible air quality. China is using incentives to promote both production and purchase of plug-in hybrid and full battery electric vehicles. The Yuntu’s creation as a plug-in hybrid acknowledges these realities. It also means that there will be Jeeps with electrified power systems in the near future.

Lots Of Cool Concept Car Features

The Yuntu Concept’s interior is full of great design and materials that will never see production, but are still exciting to see. The “suicide” doors open from the center to reveal the Yuntu’s three-row interior. The gorgeous pedestal seats are finished in white leather and wood, and have monitors built into the seatbacks. The second row seats can be made to lie down and flip. A huge panoramic glass roof panel lets plenty of light in.

Golden trim is used to accent the interior design features and the wheels. More blonde wood is used on the dash, the console that stretches back to the second row, and the oval-shaped steering wheel. A huge touchscreen stretches across most of the dash, featuring gesture controls and facial recognition security software. This biometric system makes keys unnecessary.

Topping it all off, the Yuntu Concept is equipped with its own drone. Designed to help you plan off-road routes to explore, it flies in front of the Yuntu and scans the road ahead.

The Styling Is For Real

The Jeep Yuntu Concept’s design is clearly evolved from that of the current Jeep Renegade and new Jeep Compass, but scaled up and refined for a larger, more prestigious vehicle. This is visible in the roofline design and the shape of the rear side windows, as well as the shape of the wheel openings. The grille continues Jeep’s use of its trademark seven slots, but in a trimmer, more refined way. The “eyebrows” over the headlights create a new look for the next generation of Jeep vehicles.

What this means is that the Yuntu gives us a good idea of what the next Grand Cherokee and the rumored three-row Grand Wagoneer will look like. This part of the Yuntu Concept is very likely to be going into production with few modifications.

Designed For China, Coming To America

While Jeep states that the Jeep Yuntu Concept was created “to target the tastes of Chinese customers,” it will also be built in the USA for SUV-loving Americans. Both Chinese and American consumers can’t seem to get enough – SUVs are the fastest-growing vehicle segment in both countries. Jeep is after continued growth in both markets, and the Yuntu shows the company’s approach to further future success with its SUVs. 

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