Nissan reportedly not manufacturing a successor to the 370Z

Automotive analysts and enthusiasts have pleaded with Nissan to update the auto manufacturers wildly popular 370Z sports car. Either Nissan has not heard the voices from a rapidly growing number of owners of the 370Z, or the company simply wants to turn into a boring brand that loses its most important demographic.

On the market since 2008, the Nissan 370Z has retained old school charm for appealing to traditional sports car buyers, with just enough changes every year that attract millennials. The Nismo version of the 370Z represents somewhat of an upgrade and the latest Heritage Edition is only an appearance change that keeps the vehicle around for another year. Rumors swirling around the automotive industry repeatedly mention the next Z car might be a hybrid or a crossover, which we feel will alienate just about every 370Z owner.

Why It Is a Travesty

Almost 10 years have passed since the introductions of the Nissan 370Z and 370Z Nismo. In car years, that is older than dirt. However, the 370Z still packs a punch to deliver a fun ride for car enthusiasts that like to push the speed envelope. The naturally aspirated 3.7-liter V6 engine generates 350 horsepower and 276 pounds-feet of torque. Nissan engineers send the power through the rear wheels via a standard six-speed manual transmission. There are plenty of consumers that will accept the performance standards delivered by the 370Z for at least a couple of more years. With acceleration from 0 to 60 miles pour in 4.9 seconds, the 370Z Nismo is more than fast enough for most car buyers. Moreover, the $46,790 base price is affordable for what owners of the 370Z get in performance.

Why the Rumor Might Be True

We have ignored the demise of the 370Z rumor because we have not received confirmation from any Nissan officials. However, the rumor became closer to reality during a round table discussion conducted at the New York Auto Show. Senior Vice President at Nissan Sales, Christian Meunier, said, “The 370Z is not a priority for us. I hope we can make a successor.” Since Nissan is not revealing much information about the future of the 370Z, we have to listen to rumors about two possible scenarios. First, Nissan has designed a once in a lifetime prototype that will blow the 370Z out of the water. Second, Nissan will not change anything and follow the disastrous strategy that Mitsubishi implemented for the poorly reviewed Eclipse Cross.

Why Tick Off Millennials?

Nissan does well in the millennials demographic mostly because of the automaker’s highly touted crossover portfolio. By changing little if anything for the 370Z, Nissan risks alienating millennials, which is the demographic that requests the most add-ons. Nissan reminds us of the worst procrastinator we knew in college. By letting the 370Z head towards obsolescence, Nissan will have to cram for its final exam a short time before 2018 models hit dealer showrooms. According to a story in Car and Driver, Nissan might unveil the successor to the 370Z at the Tokyo Auto Show.

The master procrastinator in college typically nailed the final examination. Nissan’s record of nailing last minute upgrades on its line of vehicles is not as impressive.

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