What models does Hyundai have planned for the luxury brand Genesis?

Sometimes, you have to cobble together several bits and pieces of information to determine if an automotive industry rumor is true, or at least has some validity. The principle for bringing together different sourced information rings true for trying to determine what Hyundai has in store for the luxury brand Genesis.

When the top brass at Hyundai announced the automaker planned to spin off the Genesis line as a luxury car, we have eagerly awaited announcement of exactly what the plans entail. As of late April 2017, we know Hyundai has introduced the G80 and G90, with the Korean automaker unveiling the GV80 at the New York Auto Show. However, the GV80 remains in the conceptual stages of development. Hyundai is also rumored to be working on a 3 series-type vehicle called the G70.

What can we expect from the 2018 Hyundai 3 Series G70? Well a recent interview shines a little light on what to date has been mere speculation.

The Genesis G70

Hyundai plans to share a platform and engine technology for the G70 with the Kia Stinger. This is not a rumor, as Hyundai has issued a press release confirming the collaboration. What remains a mystery is whether the engine will be a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder turbo or a 3.3-liter V6 twin turbo. With Hyundai planning to target luxury car buyers with the new G70, we feel the automaker will opt for the larger engine. The public relations manager for Hyundai Australia, Guido Schenken, was quoted as saying “The Stinger is a five-door touring sedan with a hatch, while the G70 is a pure sports sedan. In terms of size, the G70 is shorter, narrower, and lighter and also has a shorter wheel base. Hence, it’s reasonable to assume it will offer better performance than the Stinger.”

We take that to mean the luxury car will include the larger engine option. Yet, Hyundai has opted to install smaller engines in some of the Genesis models to accommodate luxury car buyers that place a premium on fuel efficiency.

The G70 versus the Stinger

The Kia Stinger reaches 60 miles per hour in just less than five seconds. We expect the G70 to beat the Stinger acceleration rate because Hyundai engineers are renowned for tuning engines to increase performance. During his interview, Schenken left many questions about the G70 unanswered, such as whether the luxury vehicle will offer buyers a manual transmission option. In a separate interview with Car Advice, Schenken emphasized that “It’s too early to discuss pricing and specifications at this stage, but I can say that it will offer value for the specifications and price.” Sources tell us that Hyundai is developing a Gran Turismo prototype to compete for market share with the Mercedes SL and BMW 6 Series.

Head of Design of Genesis and former vehicle designer for Audi and Bentley, Luk Donckerwolke, has said off the record that the new Gran Turismo prototype was “in the works” and the new version of the luxury car will become the Genesis car halo. Rumor has it that the design of the new Gran Turismo will not only focus on performance, but also focus on delivering aesthetic appeal.

The 2018 Gran Turismo might include a naturally aspirated V8, as well as operate on a more advanced drivetrain. We expect Hyundai to use some type of electrification or fuel-cell technology to enhance engine performance.

As they say with rumors, only time will tell the success story of the transformation we expect the Genesis brand to go through.

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