Mercedes-Benz to the rescue for Aston-Martin

It is no rumor that Aston-Martin wants to compete with the likes of Porsche, Ferrari, and Rolls-Royce. In fact, the luxury automaker has not been shy about promoting its intent to release up to seven new models over the next seven years. That is pretty ambitious for an automaker renowned for playing it close to the financial hip. The DB11 that Aston Martin unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show signals the massive change the company plans to make in its operating approach.

The question remains is how the brand James Bond made famous plans to finance its newly developed model expansion plans. 

According to Aston-Martin CEO, Andy Palmer, the automaker plans to expand the number of models in its line of luxury cars “very far,” which if you think about it, can mean anything you want it to mean. Aston-Martin has reorganized divisions to account for the new model expansion plans and there are indications, such as the DB11, that Aston–Martin has started it ambitious quest to dethrone Porsche, Ferrari, and Rolls-Royce.

There is just one problem for Aston-Martin: Money.

It is not clear whether Aston-Martin has the cash to finance its groundbreaking model expansion program. Even if it has the cash, Aston-Martin is not known for splurging on R&D, as well as the technology required to design and manufacture the seven new models. Automobile Magazine claims Aston-Martin is searching for a partner that can help with both financing and supplying the technology to make its expansion dreams come true. We have not been able to verify rumors and that state Mercedes-Benz is the leading candidate to collaborate with Aston -Martin

Mercedes-Benz Has the Cash and Tech Capabilities

Mercedes-Benz has the finances and technologies to help Aston-Martin. Several sources have confirmed that Mercedes-Benz has delivered twin-turbo V8 engines to Aston-Martin headquarters located in Gaydon.  The engines are to be installed in Aston-Martin newest V8 vehicles. Aston-Martin is also rumored to be collaborating with Mercedes-Benz in creating an electrification program for its soon to be released luxury vehicles. Mercedes-Benz has already invested a whopping $11 billion to its own electrification initiative by researching and developing a prototype for its EQ sub brand. Mercedes-Benz customers that want the soon to be mothballed, four-door Rapide to come back as a Lagonda super sedan might be disappointed. Automobile Magazine claims the more than one million dollar Lagonda Taraf sedan is going all-electric, which is what Aston–Martin wants for most, if not all of the seven new models the company plans to release over the next seven years.

It is not clear if Aston Martin will utilize some of the Lagonda design and technology concepts for its new luxury car models. Mercedes-Benz refused to comment on the speculation and Aston-Martin CEO Palmer only makes general assertions about the automaker’s assertive future. We can confirm that Aston-Martin has asked Mercedes-Benz if the company can borrow some of the exterior and interior design elements Mercedes uses for its next generation GLE for the Aston-Martin DBX SUV.

We do not know if Mercedes-Benz has agreed to such an extensive collaboration. If the rumor is true, Aston-Martin might piggyback more off Mercedes-Benz than we expected.

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