What will the 2018 Honda Accord look like?

One of the world’s most popular family sedans on the market appears to be ready to usher in 2018 looking a bit different and delivering improved performance specifications. We have not obtained information on the 2018 Honda Accord from company sources. Instead, we have relied on verifiable eyewitness accounts issued by people who have either test driven the 2018 Accord or have seen it traversing the streets of New York City.

Rumors Started Online

Rumors concerning the 2018 Accord began surfacing on automotive industry blogs created by industry analysts. If half the rumors come true, the 2018 Accord will be very different from previous models of the highly acclaimed family sedan. For example, insiders have told us that the 2018 Accord will be the first sedan to sport a modular chassis. You can take the rumors with the proverbial grain of salt or refer to previous years when many of the rumors came true because Honda started the “rumors.”

The Skinny on the 2018 Honda Accord

The 2018 Accord will measure 193 inches long and 72 inches wide, which represent similar numbers posted by the model over the past few years. At a slightly lighter weight of 3,232 pounds, the 2018 Accord should possess a little more zip because of the upgraded 1.5-liter engine that generates 180 horsepower and 180 pounds-feet of torque. The six-speed manual transmission should boost performance, but we cannot confirm reports that list the acceleration and top speed numbers. The expected price range is a bit wide, as the starting price sits at $24,590 and the price for the 2018 Accord and all of the add-ons runs $37,190. One thing remains certain: Honda’s dedication to developing the most advanced safety features will not change. The 2018 Honda Accord should feature cutting edge safety features that break ground in the automotive industry.

Speculation about Design

As with many 2018 models, spotters have caught the 2018 Accord altered in one or more temporary ways to fool onlookers. We expect the 2018 Accord to have some of the signature design cues presented by the Honda Civic. The short trunk and fastback roofline are subtle changes in the exterior design of the 2018 Accord. We think the headlights remain the same, but the spied 2018 Accord in New York City might not have sported the types of headlights Honda plans to install on the front of the 2018 Accord. A few photographs display some of the interior design features, which include a new infotainment system. However, the buttons on the test mule might also be temporary false buttons meant to mislead spotters.

Honda has not issued a statement concerning the exact release date for the 2018 Accord. Speculation among auto industry analysts is that Honda plans to target release near the end of September 2017. This could change depending on the extent of the changes, especially any performance specification changes that require a significant engine overhaul.

Check back here over the summer to learn more about the 2018 Honda Accord.

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