Unorthodox doors make the Mercedes-Benz / AMG collaboration even more strange.

Nobody that works in the automobile industry thinks the Project One collaboration between AMG and Mercedes-Benz makes sense on any front, especially the logistical front. When the Mercedes-AMG collaboration introduced the successor to the SLS AMG, the only feature missing from the elaborate design was the installation of gullwing doors. Mercedes-Benz most likely made the decision to eschew installing gullwing door to make the vehicle more appealing to a wide range of potential buyers that would choose to purchase a less attention-grabbing version of the AMG GT.

However, it appears Mercedes-Benz has changed its mind.

Motoring Claim

Motoring recently released a story that stated Mercedes-Benz is not only reconsidering its stance on adding eye-popping doors to the AMG GT, but has already taken steps on the manufacturing line to include exotic door installation in the vehicle development process. Motoring writes that the new doors should make the AMG GT the most exotic sports car in the Mercedes-Benz lineup. The news presented by Motoring comes from an interview with the Head of Design at Mercedes-Benz, Gorden Wagener. The Head of Design was quoted as saying, “We will have, let’s see, not regular doors.”

The ambiguous statement by Wagener does not offer proof of the introduction of exotic doors for the AMG GT. However, as one of the premiere vehicles in the automaker’s lineup, the Project One collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and AMG might include some unorthodox doors that should provide an aesthetic appeal.

Wagener Clarifies

Mercedes-Benz Head of Design, Gorden Wagener, clarified the mysterious statement he made in the interview with Motoring.  “It will carry a lot of the DNA of Mercedes race cars, even the old Silver Arrows, which have been always very voluptuous.” We believe one option for Mercedes-Benz is for the luxury automaker to include dihedral doors in the design of the AMG GT, which will look about the same as the doors attached to the legendary CLK GTR. Yet, the inclusion of gullwing doors on vehicles like the SLS AMG and 300SL means that Project One might include the same gullwing doors on the soon to debut AMG GT. 

Unorthodox Equals Unheard Of

As with the placement of gullwing doors, Project One represents an unconventional collaboration between two automakers with vastly differing vehicle design philosophies. As with the Aston Martin Valkyrie, the GT will begin a new era of hyper-performance cars that utilize advanced Formula One automotive technology. Even with the goal to achieve Formula One status, Project One has several design and manufacturing issues to iron out before unveiling the GT. The primary question remains the impact government regulations will have on the new model. German government official remain silent on the potential to regulate the appearance of the GT and other hyper-performance vehicles planned for release by prominent German automakers.
Until the Frankfurt Motor Show, we will just have to use our imaginations.

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